4th of July United states Flag Popsicle Stick Craft and Template

4th of July United states Flag Popsicle Stick Craft and Template

Young ones can commemorate Red, White, and Blue this 4th of July using this effortless United states Flag Popsicle Stick Craft. I’ve included a totally free template to keep things easy for you personally. The template carries a popsicle stick design and a blue rectangle with 50 stars so each banner can look perfect without really making your children draw 50 stars.

Even as we crafted we chatted concerning the reputation for the US flag therefore the cause for the 50 movie stars and 13 stripes. Our art won’t have 13 stripes you could constantly adjust the art which will make a far more depiction that is accurate of countries banner. We recommend utilizing popsicle that is plain, painting them white, after which gluing on strips of red paper.

Nonetheless your young ones choose to make their banner, if they are completed they appear adorable in a table design, flower cooking pot, or atart exercising . sequence and hang it in the wall surface.

4th of July United States Flag Popsicle Stick Craft


Craft along side us watching our movie guide or below continue reading

Print out of the banner template. I enjoy make use of white cardstock paper (affiliate link) since it is thicker and works more effectively with crafts that require glue.

We painted 3 ordinary popsicle sticks to ensure they are white after which we utilized already Colored Wood Craft Popsicle Sticks (affiliate website website link) for the red and blue people. Them to make them red and blue if you only have plain popsicle sticks just paint.

Have actually your youngster cut fully out the popsicle stick template and glue their red and white popsicle sticks to it. We began using the color red, after which produced pattern utilizing the two colors. 继续阅读“4th of July United states Flag Popsicle Stick Craft and Template”